Made for your better business

What we are doing:

Software developing

The development of software includes full stack services of development:

  • Business analysis
  • Collecting and creating requirements
  • Software developing
  • QA
  • Implementation and technical support

We can develop the software from the start by making a software which is specially adjusted to the needs of the client, or by using the existing code which the client already uses.

Business Intelligence

Business reporting is a category of computer software which enables a company to improve its business through the reports and analytic tools. This software allows everyone in the company to make better decisions by getting better information from different sources and understanding their interaction.

Business reporting includes:

  • Design and development of ETL process, data warehouses and visualization of data in accordance to the client’s needs
  • Collecting and creating the requirement and specifications
  • Business analysis
  • Creating functional and technical documentation
  • Development of real-time, operational, and historical reports
  • Integration of different data sources
  • Testing and quality control
  • Optimization
Data migration

The migration of data is a critical activity of every software when it comes to changes. The need to migrate the data constantly appears during ICT and business activities whether it is a software change, storage change or the change of the suppliers. Our expertise and experience have shown that the migration of the data, which is done without problems, is one of the most important parts of successful projects.

The data migration includes:

  • Creating a data migration strategy
  • Planning iterations and go-live data and their implementation
  • Development and testing of ETL for data migration
  • Planning and implementing the dress rehearsal of data migration
  • Verification of performed data migration