About us

About Oxoftware

Oxoftware is a company in Belgrade which develops software, service support and offers consulting services. Since it was founded in 2018, it was recognized as the leader in providing quality and new solutions and services which increase the business efficiency of the clients.

Meeting the expectations of the clients, Oxoftware solutions and services give us the chance to work with the large companies on solving various types of problems and challenges, constantly promoting ourselves and clients. Our unique approach to HR selection, software development, decades of expertise and experience, and providing quality and innovative services place us in a prestigious position in the ICT sector.

We are driven by innovations. By creating solutions and services of a new generation, introducing services by considering future requirements and needs of business, we generate innovations which exceed the expectations and contribute to the digital transformation of clients’ businesses. With the pioneer way of thinking, we always suggest new approaches and views of existing problems and challenges.

Oxoftware company approaches each client professionally and responsibly, regardless of size, with a focus on confidence building, in order to be recognizable as a responsible and reliable partner that is able to respond quickly and efficiently to the problems and challenges that a client has and to contribute to the advancement of client’s business, including the client itself.

Oxoftware is a company which is constantly developing and investing in knowledge, imagination, responsibility and dedication of its employees and cares about it.


Why Choose Us


Oxoftware is an active member of society which is based on changes, knowledge, and innovations. With a synergy of expertise, experience and knowledge, and continuous innovations, acquisition, and appropriation of new knowledge, creating solutions and services which will help and expedite clients to reach their goals.


Increasing the expertise, competence, and efficiency in creating solutions and providing services which should bring the clients additional value that is reflected in focus on its primary business with the recognition of Oxoftware as a responsible and reliable partner.


We are innovators, software developers, engineers, designers, project managers who are dedicated to cooperation with the clients in order to reach the goals that exceed the expectations of their business. Our true commitment comes from personal dedication and satisfaction with work and challenges which need to be solved.


Oxoftware team has long term expertise, experience and knowledge gained through years of participation and/or management of various ICT projects in Serbia and in the region, as well as through the management of complex and large-scale ICT systems and organizations.